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Fee Schedule

FTSB offers a wide range of services, some of which require fees. Please browse through our fee schedule to see if there is a fee for the service you are interested in. If you have a question, stop by or give us a call.


Fee Amount

Stop Payment Fees

$28 per stop payment (*) (**)

Instant Statements

$2 per Statement

Bank Money Orders, Cashiers checks and Official Checks





$3 per check

$5 per check

***Overdraft Charges

$28 per item (***)

Maximum Per Day

***Return Check Charge

Maximum Per Day

$168 (***)

$28 per item (*) (**)

$168 (*) (**)

***Return of Deposited Check

$5 per item

Collection Items:

Less than $100

$100 and over




Outgoing Wire Transfers

$25 per wire

International Wires

$50 per wire

Incoming Wires

$5 per wire


$0.25 per copy (*) (**)




$2 for first page

$0.25 thereafter

$0.25 per page

Check cashing for non-customers, check not drawn on us

-Under $200

$200 and over




Telephone transfer (not Phone Banking)

$2 per transfer (*) (**)

Assistance in reconciling/research of accounts (Most recent statement done at no charge)

$25 per hour (*) (**)

Coin Cashing/Exchange – non-customers

10% of amount, $5 minimum

Annual Checkmate Fee


Replacement Shazam Card

$10 per account per incident (*) (**)

Levy/Garnishment Fee

$40 per levy/garnishment

Annual Fee for Dormant Account

$10 (*) (**)

IRA Transfer


Safety Deposit Boxes

Lock Driling: Cost
Replace Lost Safe Deposit Key: $25
Annual Fee for Non-Customer: $10

* All fees marked with an asterisk ( * ) are subject to Iowa state sales tax of 6.000%. These fees do not apply to Minnesota state sales tax.

** All fees marked with two asterisk ( ** ) are subject to Iowa local sales tax of 1.000%. These fees do not apply to Minnesota state sales tax.

*** Applies to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, or other electronic means.