Chip Cards

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FTSB is now offering Chip Cards to debit card holders. As of September 1st, 2016, all renewals and new orders will be issued as chip cards.

Joint accounts will have a different debit card number
If you have a joint checking account, such as husband and wife, each has their own debit card. Currently those debit cards are the same number. That will be changing. Each joint owner will have a debit card with their own number and both cards will be tied to the same account.

Veteran’s Honor Cards and Second Cardholders will receive a new Card & PIN
You will receive two separate mailings. The first will be your new card. A mailer with your new PIN will arrive in the mail a few days after your card. If you wish to customize your PIN, contact Farmers Trust & Savings Bank to set up an easy PIN.

Advantages of Chip Cards

  • Reduction of card fraud resulting from counterfeit. lost or stolen cards.
  • Chip cards are now standard in the U.S. and international countries, so you can use it wherever you travel.
  • The magnetic stripe is still on the chip card, so you can use it at terminals that are both chip and non-chip enabled. If you swipe your card at a chip-enabled machine, it will prompt you to insert it so that it can read it as a chip card.

Once you receive your new debit card, you’ll need to provide the new number to businesses and service providers that charge your card for recurring or automated payments, such as internet services or fitness centers. Any use of the old card/number will cause your payment to decline and potentially interrupt your service.