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Electronic Funds Transfer

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At Farmers Trust and Savings Bank, we want to make scheduled transactions as easy and convenient as possible.  We will make and collect payments automatically through our Automated Clearing House (ACH) Origination services.  Facilitated through the SHAZAM electronic funds transfer network, the ACH service allows financial institutions to electronically debit or credit accounts at other participating institutions throughout the United States.

ACH Origination Services will allow you to enhance your cash management capabilities by improving control of cash flow and expediting the availability of funds. ACH services are also a means of providing convenience to you and your employees.  Some of the many potential ACH applications include the direct deposit of payroll, cash concentration, expense reimbursement, bill collection, and tax payments.

From payroll and utility payments to church contributions and school lunch, Farmers Trust and Savings Bank can provide ACH origination services.

Review our Electronic Funds Transfer agreement and disclosure (Regulation E)